Tour Mafia Island

Mafia Island is on the way of becoming a popular destination for visitors to relax after their safaris as well as winding down after daily stressful routines. It also still retains a special, secure, and unique atmosphere for its guests. It has a one of a kind stay, secluded beaches, and uncrowded environment. It offers the privacy, relaxation, and discerning escape travelers long for.

Accommodations for any budget can be found on the island. Wherever you decide to stay, the kindness, friendly hospitality, and warm smiles of its inhabitants will be one of the highlights of your vacation.

These days, Mafia Island remains a somewhat remote location discovered only by the most selective visitors, but more and more of them are enjoying the beauty of this amazing place every year. Mafia Island Marine Park is the largest protected area in the Indian Ocean, which includes a few surrounding villages. Its conservation efforts provide survival of the coming decades for millions of fishes and coral species that thrive in the warm waters of Mafia Island. Mafia Island’s care of the environment makes sure that the tourism impact on it won’t hurt the place, but will be for sure a sustainable one.